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Richmond Kickers versus Orlando City SC: USL PRO streaming, prediction, lineups, and gamethread

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The final game of the USL PRO regular season pits Richmond against Orlando City.

Mike Edmonds

The Richmond Kickers are already in the playoffs, but their seed is not yet quite secure. A win by the LA Galaxy II tonight over the Sacramento Republic (a tall order in itself) combined with a Kickers loss would actually drop them back into fourth place mere weeks after being in second. A tie or a win against the league-departing OCSC would clinch third place, in addition to the mere satisfaction that comes from beating the Lions. With another #DCUAfterDark game later, join us for watching the Kickers' regular season finale!

Time: 7:30 PM EDT

Venue: ESPN Wide World of Sports, Orlando, FL

Streaming: As always, you can head to YouTube to watch the Kickers take on the purple-clad Lions.

D.C. United players in attendance: Nothing to glean from this time around, but my gut thinks that Conor Shanosky will be there with one or two others.

Richmond Kickers starting XI: The Kickers have been rotating their starters due to schedule congestion recently, but they haven't played since last weekend. They will go with Ryan Taylor in goal, with Alex Lee, Conor Shanosky, William Yomby, and Sascha Goerres in defense. Shay Spitz, George Davis IV, and Nate Robinson will start in attacking midfield, with Samuel Asante and Luke Vercollone behind them in defensive midfield. Jason Yeisley will start up top.

Prediction: The Kickers haven't won a game since early August, and so a win would put them into the playoffs on a good note. I think they will give the Lions a fond farewell, beating them 2-1.

What are you drinking? I have some leftover Devil's Backbone and Breckenridge from my birthday, so I'll probably just pop one of those.

As always, this is your place for pre-game, in-game and post-game chatter.