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Richmond Kickers versus Crystal Palace FC: USL PRO-Premier League streaming, prediction, lineups, and gamethread

The Richmond Kickers welcome a Premier League team to Virginia for the first time, with Crystal Palace FC coming to City Stadium.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The Richmond Kickers have their summer friendly tonight, when they take on Crystal Palace FC of the English Premier League. Crystal Palace are coached by Tony Pulis, long of Stoke City FC and who won Manager of the Year for the Premier League this past season, and this is their last game of their preseason tour in the United States. The Richmond Kickers will be taking this game as seriously as any other this season, so expect a full strength lineup from the home team.

Kickoff time: 7:00 PM EDT

Venue: City Stadium, Richmond, Va.

Streaming: Unfortunately, this game will not be streamed live on YouTube, as is the normal protocol for USL PRO games. The presence of the journalists in the pressbox and the fans in the stadium is all you have to follow the game; however, both the full game and highlights will be available to watch online after the game.

D.C. United players in attendance: I would assume that Joe Willis will be the starting goalkeeper for this match, even if his presence is required in D.C. as the backup goalkeeper on Wednesday. Other than that, I do not expect any other United players to make the trip down to Richmond, but I have been wrong before.

Richmond Kickers starting XI: Joe Willis will start in goal, with Alex Lee, Henry Kalungi, William Yomby, and Sascha Goerres in defense. Samuel Asante and Luke Vercollone will be in defensive midfield, with Shay Spitz, George Davis IV, and Jason Yeisley in attacking midfield. Englishman and Richmond Kickers legend Matthew  Delicate will start up top.

Match Prediction: I would like to think that Richmond could eek out a tie, but I don't see it happening. A 4-0 victory for the Englishmen.

What are you drinking? Nothing in the pressbox, but something purely Richmond when I get home: Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.

As always, this is your place for all your pre-game, in-game, and post-game chat. Enjoy, and come out to City Stadium!