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Richmond Kickers 2-2 Pittsburgh Riverhounds: Kickers save a point late

The Kickers leave it late, but save a point at home against the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

The Richmond Kickers drew the Pittsburgh Riverhounds 2-2 in a rematch of the Kickers home opener two weeks ago. Goals for the Riverhounds came from former Kicker Brian Ownby and Jhonny Arteaga, with the Kyle Porter and Matthew Delicate scoring for the Kickers. The previous games 3-1 scoreline was generous to the Kickers, with this game a more fair representation of the two sides' current form.

The two goals for the Riverhounds also highlight a surprising deficiency for the Kickers this season: their defense. It was their league-leading defense which they rode to the Commissioner's Cup last season, and without both Andrew Dykstra and with the inevitable regression to the mean, the defense has not been nearly as good this season.

One of D.C. United's (and the Richmond Kickers') brightest young talents, Michael Seaton, went out early with an ankle injury. We still do not yet know how series Seaton's injury is, but after he was removed in the 13th minute he iced his ankle on the bench for the rest of the game. Obviously, we hope that he is ready to go again for the Kickers next game. D.C. United's affiliate is next in action this weekend when they travel to Ohio to take on the Dayton Dutch Lions.