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Collin Martin set to be loaned to Richmond Kickers for this weekend's game against Charleston Battery

Collin Martin and Alex Caskey will join D.C. United's other loanees for the Kickers' first game, which is this Saturday against the Charleston Battery in South Carolina.


As I said in the article about the four long-term loanees, other players would be loaned sporadically throughout the season so that they could get playing time and keep sharp. Additional players seem set to join the Kickers as soon as this weekend, as Alex Caskey and Collin Martin are currently listed on the on the Richmond Kickers official roster on the USL PRO website. If this proves to be true, these two players would join the Kickers for the first game of their 2014 season, which is this Saturday against the Charleston Battery at Blackbaud Stadium.

Martin seems like to set to walk right into the starting lineup as the attacking midfielder, playing underneath either Michael Seaton or Matthew Delicate. Alex Caskey, a former Battery player himself, will battle with Shay Spitz for the starting role on the wing opposite Christiano Francois. It also proves my thought about Martin's chance to join D.C. United's starting lineup this weekend wrong; hopefully, it is Lewis Neal instead of Kyle Porter who actually starts.

With these two loans, United will have six players in Richmond, with Martin and Caskey joining Joe Willis, Christiano Francois, Jalen Robinson, and Michael Seaton. We will have a game thread and match review for this game on Saturday, which you can watch on YouTube.

Update: After initially being set for a loan, it looks like Alex Caskey will remain with D.C. United this weekend.