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D.C. United loans Joe Willis, Alex Caskey, Steve Birnbaum, Christiano François, and Michael Seaton to Richmond for last preseason game

D.C. United loans Willis, Caskey, Birnbaum, François, and Seaton to Richmond for their last preseason game.

The Richmond Kickers and D.C. United announced today that Joe Willis, Alex Caskey, Steve Birnbaum, Christiano Francois, and Michael Seaton will all be loaned to the Kickers for their final preseason game, which is this Saturday against the University of Virginia. These players were apparently not likely to make the 18 for D.C. United's game this weekend, and so they will be given some game time in Richmond to keep sharp.

This is not the final list of players who will be sent on long-term loan to Richmond this season, although Francois, Seaton, and Willis seem likely to make that list. Both Caskey and Birnbaum have only been with United a short period of time, and so getting them a game this weekend will help keep them sharp and let them challenge for D.C. United's 18 next week. This also likely means that, after being sidelined with injuries throughout the preseason, Nana Attakora must be injury-free and ready to go.

The Kickers start their season a week from Saturday, so expect the final list of long-term loanees next week. Their opening match is against a familiar opponent for D.C. United and Kickers fans alike: the Charleston Battery.