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Michael Seaton and Christiano Francois participate in Richmond Kickers intrasquad game

Although not announced by D.C. United, both Michael Seaton and Christiano Francois played in the Richmond Kickers' intrasquad game this weekend.

Patrick Wood - Richmond Kickers

With time ticking down to the beginning of the Richmond Kickers regular season, the team has slowly begun to take form. The team returns a core of players from last year's team, including Luke Vercollone, Mike Callahan, William Yomby, and Alex Lee. And, so far this offseason, they have signed some USL PRO veterans in George Davis IV, Shay Spitz, and Samuel Asante. The last piece of the puzzle, of course, is the D.C. United loanees, which could range anywhere from four to six players initially sent to Richmond.

Two players who seem to be a lock to be sent to Richmond are forward Michael Seaton and winger Christiano Francois. Both were unannounced participants in this weekend's intrasquad game, with Seaton scoring one goal in his side's 3-2 win. The intrasquad game was a part of the Kickers' second round of pro tryouts, and so Seaton and Francois' participation in it would seem to say that the Kickers can count on them for much of the year. The rest of the players should be announced this week, but when they are, expect Seaton and Francois to join them.