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D.C. United loans Martin, Willis, and Francois to Richmond Kickers for a preseason game

Three prime candidates for loans to Richmond, Collin Martin, Joe Willis, and Christiano Francois, have been sent to the River City for a preseason game.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United and the Richmond Kickers announced today that Joe Willis, Collin Martin, and Christiano Francois have been loaned to the Kickers for their preseason match against the University of Maryland. Martin and Francois are both players who seem primed to spend a full season in Richmond, needing playing time to continue their development. Rumors from Steve Goff suggest that Joe Willis and Andrew Dykstra will split time in Richmond, so that both can get actual playing time throughout the season. All three of these players are likely to return to D.C. for the game against the Crew, after which final loanee decisions will be made.

Until he injured his hamstring, Jalen Robinson was also a strong candidate to be sent to Richmond as well. Should these three field players and the goalkeeper spot be sent, there is not a requirement for United to send anyone else. However, I still expect Michael Seaton to get some time in Richmond this year, although he may be closer to the gameday roster than we think. Taylor Kemp is also another player, especially when Chris Korb is fully healthy, that I expect to see in Richmond this year.

Any other players you think might see some time down in RVA?