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Richmond Kickers announce the name of their craft beer and a contest to brand it

The official Richmond Kickers beer will be Kick It Hunny, produced by the Wild Wolf Brewing Company.

More details about the Richmond Kickers craft beer were released today, including the name: "Kick It Hunny," a play on one of Wild Wolf Brewing Company's flagship beers, Blonde Hunny. You can find the full beer-snobbery information below, but it is a Belgian-style pale ale. The team's press release gives a narrative description of the beer:

Hand-crafted by brewers, members of the media, Kickers fans and Wild Wolf Brewing Company, Kick It Hunny is a Belgian inspired American Pale Ale derived from the brewery's popular Blonde Hunny. The smooth drinking session ale will tickle taste buds with hints of honey before finishing with a burst of citrus and hops. Lively aromas of crisp Citra hops, honey, and light malt mingle to create a refreshing nose. A hat trick of pilsner, wheat, and oat malts team up to give it a pale, cloudy yellow color and a thick, frothy white head. Kick It Hunny is a beautiful beer for fans of the beautiful game and is sure to become a favorite of soccer brewligans across RVA.

The team also announced a contest for the design of the beer's logo, much in the way that D.C. United fans were able to submit designs for the can of The Tradition. It will initially be available at Richmond Kickers games, but I am also hearing that a few select bars across RVA will also have it on tap.

Kick It Hunny

Style: Belgian-American Session Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5 (TBD)

IBU: 30

Malts: Pilsner, Wheat, Oat

Hops: Citra

Yeast: Blend of house Belgian and house American