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Queen City Soccer Club to replace Charlotte Eagles in USL PRO in 2015

While all they have currently is a website and a twitter account, Queen City Soccer Club will replace the Charlotte Eagles in USL PRO in 2015.


As you may have heard, the Charlotte Eagles are rumored to be dropping down to USL PDL; the ownership group of the Charlotte Hounds, a professional lacrosse team, will be buying their USL PRO rights, with a supposed eye towards joining MLS. The Eagles are currently the oldest team in USL PRO, having been founded in 1991; after them, the next oldest teams are the Charleston Battery and the Richmond Kickers, both of whom came into existence in 1993. They are also one of three USL PRO teams without an MLS affiliate; the other two currently are the Los Angeles Blues and Phoenix FC.

Through some Internet sleuthing, it looks like we have found the Eagles' replacement, who have started following other USL PRO clubs on Twitter. The Queen City Soccer Club has begun to follow other USL PRO teams on Twitter, and their website has been registered by Wade Leaphart, the GM for the Charlotte Hounds. As a noted MLS Snob (TM Greg Roche), I approve of their use of Soccer Club rather than Football Club. While it is sad to see a long-standing USL PRO club leave, it is always good to see the health of the league improve.