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Richmond Kickers vs. Dayton Dutch Lions: Streaming, lineups, prediction, and playoff gamethread

The Richmond Kickers open the USL Pro playoffs tonight against the Dayton Dutch Lions, who they just beat 5-2 mere weeks ago.

After clinching the Commissioner's Cup a week and a half ago, the Richmond Kickers now embark on their quest to win the double in the USL Pro Playoffs. This quest starts against the Dayton Dutch Lions, who they beat twice this year by a combined total of 8-4. This is also the Kickers' tenth straight playoff appearance, in which they have won two championships (both while the team was in USL-2). The Dutch Lions are making their first ever playoff appearance since their founding in 2009, having clinched that spot on the last day of the season. It should be an exciting game, but one that the Kickers should expect to win.

Time: 7:00 pm

Venue: City Stadium, Richmond, Va.

Streaming: As always, you can find this game streaming online at

Projected lineup: The Kickers will start with Andrew Dykstra in goal, with Alex Lee, William Yomby, Conor Shanosky, and Sascha Goerres in front of him. Mike Callahan and Luke Vercollone will be in defensive midfield, with Vercollone captaining the team as always. Nate Robinson, Joseph Ngwenya, and Brian Ownby will be in attacking midfield, with Matthew Delicate starting at striker.

Predicted result: These affairs with the Dutch Lions always seem to be high scoring, but the Kickers should still come out on top easily. 3-1 seems like a fair result.

What are you drinking? I'm going to Hardywood brewery today, so any of their beers would be appropriate. I will probably end up going with their Bourbon Barrel Cru.

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