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Richmond Kickers vs. Antigua Barracuda: Streaming, lineup, predictions, and GameThread

The Richmond Kickers have their second game against the winless and tieless Antigua Barracuda tonight.

Pattie Anderson

After a disappointing tie last weekend, the Richmond Kickers are back in action tonight against Antigua Barracuda, the team that plays all of its games on the road this season. The D.C. United injury problems affect the Kickers as well, as it will determine how many of the loanees will be available to them tonight. However, even without the D.C. United players, the Kickers should be able to take care of a team that is 0-11-0 with a -36 goal differential.

Time: 7:00pm

Venue: City Stadium, Richmond, Virginia

Streaming: As always, the games are free and streamed online at

Predicted Lineup: Andrew Dykstra will definitely be in goal tonight. Ahead of him I predict that William Yomby and Henry Kalungi will man center defense, with Shane Johnson and Taylor Kemp on the outside. Luke Vercollone and Mike Callahan will be in central midfield, with Brian Ownby, Joseph Ngwenya, and Nate Robinson ahead of them. Michael Seaton will start as the loan forward. If Kemp is with D.C. United, Vercollone will move back and Stanley Nyazamba will sit next to Ngwenya.

Predicted Result: Given that this team is by far the worst in the league, a 4-0 victory for the Kickers would seem about right.

What are you drinking? Nothing in the press box, but probably a nice Hardywood Singel after the game.

As always, this is your place for pre-game, in-game, and post-game chatter!