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Richmond Kickers vs. Charlotte Eagles: Streaming, lineups, prediction, and GameThread

In their second of two matches this weekend, the Richmond Kickers take on the Charlotte Eagles at City Stadium.

Wilmington Hammerheads

After earning a key three points on the road in Wilmington, North Carolina, last night, the Richmond Kickers came immediately home to prepare for the Charlotte Eagles. The Eagles currently sit two points shy of the Kickers, with two wins against Antigua Barracuda and the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, and two ties against Orlando City and Rochester Rhinos. This is the Eagles' first road trip so far this season, although they do have the advantage of not having played yesterday. The Eagles are owned by Missionary Athletes International, an organization whose mission is to "to glorify God and see lives transformed by communicating the message of Jesus Christ through the global environment of soccer."

Time: 7:00 pm

Venue: City Stadium, Richmond, Va.

Streaming: As always, USL Pro games are available for free on, including this one. I would recommend refreshing the game around the time its supposed to start, sometimes it doesn't pop up automatically.

Projected lineup: I would expect that the two D.C. United loanees that did not start last night, Casey Townsend and Taylor Kemp, will start. Andrew Dykstra will of course be in goal, with Juan Arbelaez, William Yomby, Conor Shanosky, and Kemp in front of him. Luke Vercollone and Mike Callahan will be in central midfield, with Jason Yeisley and Brian Ownby out wide. Joseph Ngwenya will get a rest, with Casey Townsend and Michael Seaton starting up top.

Prediction: The Kickers are returning home and have won three games in a row; why should the Charlotte Eagles be able to do anything different against them? A 2-0 victory keeps the Kickers rolling in their great start to the season.

What are you drinking? I'll be drinking some of the finest Anheiser-Busch products, as I'll be at Busch Gardens Williamsburg all day.

This is the place for all of your pregame, in-game, and post-game discussion. The game review is likely to be a day or two late, so feel free to write your own in a FanPost if you are at or watched this game.