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Richmond Kickers vs. Antigua Barracuda: Streaming, lineups, prediction, and GameThread

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The Richmond Kickers take on one of the few professional teams in North America with less points than D.C. United: Antigua Barracuda.

Brian Ownby
Brian Ownby
Sue Kitsteiner

After a brief road trip last weekend, the Richmond Kickers continue their epic homestand tonight against Antigua Barracuda, the one current USL Pro team that is not based in the United States. Antigua also has the distinction of playing no home games this year; that's right, every single one of their games is on the road. That has obviously affected their scoreline as they are currently without a win. Richmond should be able to get out front of this game early and control it, but anything could happen.

Time: 7:00pm

Venue: City Stadium, Richmond, Va.

Streaming: As always, the games are available on Come watch with me!

Lineup: No prediction tonight, as I've been moving all day and didn't have time to write this. But hey, here's the actual lineup: Andrew Dykstra starts in goal, with Alex Lee, William Yomby, Conor Shanosky, and Sascha Goerres. The midfield is Mike Callahan and Luke Vercollone in the center, with Brian Ownby, Joseph Ngwenya, and Nate Robinson attacking. Michael Seaton starts up top.

Prediction: As I've said before, Antigua is bad. Richmond should win this game 3 or 4 to nothing.

What are you drinking? I had some Blue Moon Seasonals earlier today, they were quite delicious. But as you all know, no beer in the press box.

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