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D.C. United reportedly planning tampering charges against Orlando City

More details of the strange case of the pursuit of Antonio Nocerino are coming out.

The saga of D.C. United's pursuit of Antonio Nocerino keeps moving forward, and keeps getting stranger by the day. As reported by the Washington Post's Steve Goff, D.C. United reported plans to file official tampering charges against Orlando City SC for interrupting their pursuit of AC Milan midfielder Antonio Nocerino. In what way did they allegedly tamper? Apparently, explicitly:

Last month, United filed a discovery claim on Nocerino with MLS headquarters, which, in turn, afforded exclusive rights to pursue the player. During contract negotiations, Orlando allegedly submitted a written offer to Nocerino’s representatives. At the time, United was in the late stages of talks; it had met with the player and his wife, who were eager to relocate to the United States with their three children.

D.C. United had apparently offered a contract of around $700,000, while Orlando City's offer was closer to $900,000. Regardless on your opinions about the discovery claim/exclusive negotiating system, this is exactly the type of situation it was designed to prevent.

This refutes the narrative that Nocerino had rejected United so Orlando City should have been free to move in; if true, it looks Orlando City barged into the middle of negotiations that would have landed Norcerino happily in DC. The team is still trying to gauge Nocerino's current happiness at playing in DC and possibly trying to still complete the deal.

Hopefully compensation, whether in the form of the player himself or a hefty recompense from OCSC, is coming soon.