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2016 MLS Draft: Rounds Three and Four Open Thread

There is still more SuperDraft-ing to be had, so join us and follow along!

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After last week's beginning to the 2016 MLS SuperDraft, filled with trades, excitement, and players who will definitely make the rosters of your team, we come to today's part of the SuperDraft. Rounds three and four used to consist of players who would almost definitely not make your team, but with the growing number of USL teams that may no longer be true. Teams drafting in this area are now looking for players who need some time to develop, and may be able to do so in the lower leagues of American soccer.

D.C. United has three picks in the fourth round this year, and D.C. United has been able to find some value in their late round picks under Ben Olsen and Dave Kasper. Joe Willis obviously made the team and is still in MLS, but players like Lance Rozeboom, Jordan Graye, Travis Golden, and Victor Munoz are still all playing professional soccer, either in USL or NASL.

I know you all are soccer nerds, some come nerd out with me.

Draft previews: has a list of players drafted in the late rounds of their drafts, and TopDrawerSoccer has their list ($) of the best players still left on the board.

Draft date/time: Tuesday 1/19, 2PM Eastern.

Venue: Virtual, since it is being conducted by conference call.

TV/Streaming: Nope. The only ways to follow this draft will be on Twitter or on the MLS Draft Tracker.

What are you drinking?: It being during the work day, I will probably drinking what I normally am at around 2PM: white peony tea. I usually drink three mugs of it per day, in the afternoon, so it is a safe assumption.

As always, this is your place for all day talk about anything MLS SuperDraft-y.