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Check out D.C. United's video unveiling the club's new badge

For those that couldn't make it to the big event last night, here's the video presentation that served as the centerpiece of the evening.

You are probably well aware that D.C. United unveiled a new badge last night at Dock 5. Plenty of fans packed the place as the club changed to the third iteration of a familiar crest (or logo, or signifier, or other synonym you'd prefer). As fans mingled with players - including familiar faces like Bill Hamid and new ones like Lamar Neagle - the event built towards its highlight: The video above, which revealed the badge as well as showing its evolution from past forms to today's look via some clever animation.

That's not all that's in there, though. An early shot of George Washington and his family coat of arms is a clear link between the man the city is named for and the new badge. Great memories from club history - including a quick run through players hoisting 9 different trophies of the 13 United has won over the years - are interspersed with highlights from today's team. Personally, I'm also pleased that it was free of any obvious #branding talk. When it comes to the badge, the video does a good job of showing rather than telling.

Of course, this post can't replicate getting to talk to the players or coaches present, nor can it replace the bottles of wine handed out to those that attended the event:

However, if you enjoy the video you can sit here hitting repeat over and over again rather than doing work, and that's what Fridays are for anyway.