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Scouting new D.C. United wide midfielder Andrew Driver

To get a read on D.C. United's latest acquisition, we turned to an expert at our sister site Dynamo Theory, who saw a lot of promise in 2013 that was hindered by injury in 2014.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, was yesterday ever busy. You'd be forgiven if - among the other trades, the expansion protection list coming out, more trades, D.C. United's list of declined contract options and - oh yeah - the aftermath of MLS Cup - you'd forgotten that the Black-and-Red acquired Andrew Driver from the Houston Dynamo (along with a 2014 4th round draft pick) in exchange for Joe Willis and Samuel Inkoom. But here at B&RU, we remembered. In fact, we reached out to Alicia Tolar of Dynamo Theory to get their her take on United's newest wide midfielder. Here's what she had to say:

When Andrew Driver came on loan to us from Hearts he was great. He provided a spark we had been lacking in the midfield, controlled possession and sent in some beautiful crosses. Another fabulous left foot to add to our left-footed repertoire, but he had the ability to play on the right as well. He was even our Newcomer of the Year last year. Fans were really clamoring for us to sign him permanently and after a bit of back and forth it eventually happened.

This season? A very different Driver showed up in Houston. Saying that a player was off isn't a tangible description of their play on the field but it is the best way to describe Driver this year. He did pick up an injury that contributed to some of his difficulties on the field. Even with all of the injuries to the Dynamo starting lineup he still was mostly an off the bench player for us. When he did get on the field he lacked control of the ball and his crosses lacked the laser focus we had seen the previous year. It was such a difference to the year prior it left many fans surprised.

Could he revert back to the Andrew Driver of 2013? Yes he could and frankly I hope so. Driver is a really nice guy and had to put up with me pointing on Twitter that he looked like Macklemore throughout the 2013 season.

So, a guy who made a big initial impact, followed by an injury-plagued second act? We've never seen anything like that around RFK before, surely.

Snark aside, what do we think of Driver? Will he be a starter - or even crack the 18 - come next season? Let us know in the comments.