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Make your own D.C. United protected list with The Protectinator

Our never-ending coverage of the expansion draft continues with the opportunity for you, dear reader, to vote on who should be on United's list

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

You guys showed us that you really, really wanted to talk about the expansion draft. Like, a lot. So we listened, and came up with three different protection lists, then participated in SB Nation's mock draft, then fretted over the results of said mock draft. Basically, we won't shut up about the expansion draft, and in that vein we have one more thing for you fine folks: The opportunity to put together your own protection list.

The good people over at Sounder at Heart - their only sin is the team they follow - have been putting together what they call "The Protectinator," which is a magical line of code that lets people vote for their own preferred set of protected players. They've done all the hard work here, which is good for all of us because if I were to write code, the resulting monster would only be able to desperately say "" over and over again.

Below is the resulting D.C. United version of the Protectinator. Try to vote with the following expansion draft rules in mind:

- Protect 11 players
- Protect at least one international (that's either Samuel Inkoom or Kyle Porter) **Edit: Inkoom was traded minutes after this posted, and the rules say that if you only have 1 international you can protect zero, so you don't have to vote to protect Porter**
- Do not vote to protect any Homegrown players (they're in ???) save Bill Hamid, who per MLS will require a spot on the list. You are protecting Hamid, right? I mean, you don't have to, but you should.

Alright, enough from me. Have at it!