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MLS Jersey Week--Reviewing All the Leaked Kits

Jersey Week isn't until next week, but it's shaping up to be anti-climatic with all but one of the new kits now leaked on the interwebs. Let's take a look at them all, and rate them using our exclusive B&RU 4-star rating scale.

Nick DeLeon looking sharp in his new D.C. United jersey.
Nick DeLeon looking sharp in his new D.C. United jersey.

Well, this past week hasn't seen any official Jersey Week reveals, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been news. We've finally firmed up our MLS Jersey Week schedule, and we've now seen leaked images for all the new jerseys except one. Let's break it down and give a rating to each new kit.

1. Here's the complete Jersey Week schedule. Thankfully, Major League finally put out the full schedule to help us round out the schedule we've been building for a few weeks. Interestingly, Real Salt Lake is still planning on having a jersey reveal on Mar. 4, despite unveiling their new jersey weeks ago.

Date of 2014 Jersey Reveal
Chicago Fire 4-Mar
Chivas USA 3-Mar
Colorado Rapids 5-Mar
Columbus Crew 4-Mar
D.C. United Complete
FC Dallas 6-Mar
Houston Dynamo 3-Mar
LA Galaxy 3-Mar
Montreal Impact 4-Mar
New England Revolution 4-Mar
New York Red Bulls 4-Mar
Philadelphia Union 4-Mar
Portland Timbers 3-Mar
Real Salt Lake 4-Mar
San Jose Earthquakes Complete
Seattle Sounders 3-Mar
Sporting Kansas City 4-Mar
Toronto FC 6-Mar
Vancouver Whitecaps 5-Mar

2. This week has seen almost every new MLS jersey leaked. Thanks to the great work of the team over at, we now know what almost all the new MLS jerseys will look like (with the exception of Sporting Kansas City). Footy Headlines was spot on with their early reporting on the new San Jose Earthquakes and D.C. United jerseys, and there's every reason to think they are continuing to scoop the soccer fashion world with these preview photos. Our thanks to them for permission to use their photos, and to Bald Pollack for his dedication to the cause.

We will use the following 4-star rating scale to assess each of the new jerseys, and as you will see, I'm pretty bullish on the new crop of kits:

- 4 stars: Must buy. I will be wearing this jersey soon

- 3 stars: If I'm a fan of the team, this is definitely a jersey I plan to buy

- 2 stars: If you gave it to me as a gift, I wouldn't return it

- 1 star: What? No...

Chicago Fire primary jersey--I like the blue. I like the red. I don't understand the blended area with the soccer net image in between.

Rating: 2 stars


Chivas USA primary jersey--this will be the last Chivas USA jersey. Although it doesn't tread any new ground, it's a traditional look, but classically executed.

Rating: 3 stars


Colorado Rapids primary jersey--the Rapids have struck gold again with their third straight terrific jersey. After last year's two awesome jerseys, the Rapids are at it again with a kit that evokes their recent look, but incorporates a blue color they've used in the past and uses the "C" element from the Colorado state flag (which also is the hip tag).

Rating: 4 stars


Columbus Crew primary jersey--I'm fine with the top half of this jersey, but I don't get the argyle pattern on the second half, or how the diamonds appear to change shape and fade away as they move up the shirt.

Rating: 2 stars


D.C. United--we've given our assessments of the new D.C. United jersey across multiple posts here on the site (see the story stream linked to this post), but my take is that it is a classic, and instantly distinguishable as the uniform of the Black-and-Red.

Rating: 4 stars


FC Dallas primary jersey--you know how some businesses have incorporated QR codes into their advertising? Well, the new FC Dallas jersey looks like it has an old-fashioned barcode built into it. I still think it is a big improvement over their primary jerseys from last year, but I would genuinely like to know if the barcode is scannable?

Rating: 2 stars


Houston Dynamo secondary jersey--overall, this is a simple jersey, but the Space City blue accents are a great touch, bringing back memories of the Houston Oilers.

Rating: 3 stars


LA Galaxy primary jersey--we saw leaks of this jersey a few weeks ago, but here is the full image from Footy Headlines. Overall, I think this works, including the small shoulder stripes, the modern sash effect, and the hip tag.

Rating: 3 stars


Montreal Impact primary jersey--this is a sharp kit, and I really like the subdued fleur-de-lys forming an offset cross on the front of the jersey and the over-sized fleur-de-lys hip tag.

Rating: 4 stars


New England Revolution primary jersey--This is exactly what I would have expected for the Revolution. It's solid if not exciting.

Rating: 3 stars


New York Red Bulls secondary jersey--reports say this jersey will be used across the Red Bulls global soccer teams. I like the block-lettered "New York" on the hip, but otherwise this is an acquired taste for non-Red Bulls fans.

Rating: 2 stars


Philadelphia Union primary jersey--I honestly can't see anything on this kit beyond the shirt sponsor.

Rating: Rating? I only see the shirt sponsor.


Portland Timbers secondary jersey--I almost love this kit. Perhaps its because I want to see D.C. United make red the central color of one of its future jerseys. Whatever the reason, I just wish they had picked one color for the front of the kit, either the black near the top, the reddish color near the bottom, or the red of the sleeves. Either way, I think Timbers fans are going to snatch these up in droves.

Rating: 3 stars


Portland Timbers alternate jersey--I do love this kit. A throwback to the Timbers' history, with a classic look, a great secondary logo, and a genuine team chant stitched into the color. Portland fans are bound to be even more excited about this one than I am.

Rating: 4 stars


Real Salt Lake--I like the attempt to put something unique about the club into the jersey, but the "crown" element just doesn't appear to work. Perhaps it will grow on me in time, but for now, this kit is lost on me.

Rating: 1 star

San Jose Earthquakes primary and secondary jerseys--I'm a big fan of both. I also like the symmetry between these two kits.

Rating: 3 stars (primary jersey)

Rating: 3 stars (secondary jersey)

Seattle Sounders alternate jersey--what I like best about this jersey is the "silhouetted" team crest in only light green and black. Overall, this is a nice jersey.

Rating: 3 stars


Toronto FC secondary jersey--this is one of my absolute favorites. Not only have the Reds upgraded their roster in a massive way this offseason, but they are also upgrading their kits with this winning look. As much of a mess as their current primary jerseys are, this is an awesomely good road kit.

Rating: 4+ stars


Vancouver Whitecaps secondary jersey--completing the Canadian trifecta of new kits this season, the Whitecaps' new jersey is very cool. From the special logo on the back of the jersey celebrating their 40th Anniversary, to the watermarked team crest shape across the front of the jersey meant to symbolize the ocean, to the extra "u" in "honour", this jersey is much better than their current primary jersey and shows Vancouver isn't ceding anything to Montreal or Toronto in the fashion department.

Rating: 4 stars


If you have any information on the new Sporting Kansas City secondary jersey, please let us know in the comments section below.

Photos used by express permission of

What's your take on the new MLS jerseys? How would you rate them (using a 4-star scale, or any scale you like)?