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New MLS Jerseys--Part II (let's build a schedule)

There haven't been any official jersey releases since last week, so we've compiled an in-progress calendar of the upcoming reveal dates (who's next?). Also, a few teams are teasing (or leaking) their new jerseys.

New players, new jerseys.  Just not this player in this jersey for D.C. United.
New players, new jerseys. Just not this player in this jersey for D.C. United.
Patrick McDermott

Yes, we remain officially excited about the new 2014 Major League Soccer jerseys. Last week we looked at the first two teams to unveil their new kits (the San Jose Earthquakes and Real Salt Lake), but this week, unfortunately, there haven't been any new official announcements. But don't despair, we still have some news for you, including our in-progress jersey reveal schedule, the latest jersey leaks/previews, and the details on the next MLS team to introduce their new uniforms.

1. New MLS Jersey Reveal Schedule. We've been scouring the interwebs to find out when each MLS team will reveal their new jersey(s). While it hasn't been officially announced yet, it appears this season's MLS Jersey Week will be the week of Mar. 3rd. Why some teams are announcing their new 2014 jerseys earlier is an unexplained mystery.

If you can help fill in any of the holes in the schedule below, just post the information (including the team, the date, and a link to your reference) in the comments section below and we will update the schedule accordingly.

Date of 2014 Jersey Reveal
Chicago Fire 4-Mar
Chivas USA 1-Mar
Colorado Rapids
Columbus Crew After 3-Mar
D.C. United 15-Feb
FC Dallas 6-Mar
Houston Dynamo
LA Galaxy 22 Feb/3 Mar
Montreal Impact 3-Mar
New England Revolution 4-Mar
New York Red Bulls 4-Mar
Philadelphia Union 4-Mar
Portland Timbers 3-Mar
Real Salt Lake Done
San Jose Earthquakes Done
Seattle Sounders
Sporting Kansas City 4-Mar
Toronto FC
Vancouver Whitecaps 5-Mar

2. New MLS Jersey Leaks/Previews. Leaks and previews of new MLS jerseys continue to be found in the online wild. Here are the latest we've seen:

Houston Dynamo away kit--looks a lot like last year's Dynamo jerseys.

LA Galaxy home kit--the socks appear to be popular online, but I'm not seeing it.

Philadelpia Union home kit--I need to see the entire jersey, but this looks like it has potential.

Portland Timbers away kit--I'm a fan of the "Rose City" angle this jersey seems to be going after, but is this even the color red?

Portland Timbers third jersey--the stitching inside the collar is from a Timbers chant (And when I go make sure I'm wearing green and gold). Very cool for Timbers fans.

3. The Next Team in the Queue. Based on what we know now, D.C. United will be the next team to officially reveal their new kits when they do so on Feb. 15th at a season ticket holder event. If you are going to be at the event, please make sure to tweet and post pictures during the event or as soon as possible afterwards.

As of this time, here are the previews the team has put out, starting with the most recent. They are giving us some hints, but what's your guess on what the full kit will look like?

If you have have any additional information to round out our jersey reveal schedule, or if you've seen leaks/previews of this year's new jerseys, make sure to post links to them in the comments section below. Let's crowdsource this to completion!