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It's a wave of D.C. United video content! Watch the full episode of the latest episode of MLS Insider, featuring Nick DeLeon

In case you missed it Friday night: watch the full episode of MLS Insider, including the Nick DeLeon segment, right here.

Last week was a good week for those of us who crave D.C. United content on the regular. Especially those of us with the particular affliction that requires video content. First, we saw the launch of Monumental Network's new Monumental FC - which we talked about some here. Then came word that the fourth episode of NBC Sports Network's new MLS Insider program would feature a segment focusing on the Black-and-Red's own Nick DeLeon. Well, that episode aired Friday night, and now you can watch it live, right here. We've got the entire episode embedded above, and Nicky's segment is embedded below - we're apparently a full-service embedding station today.

The MLS Insider piece looks at DeLeon's relationship with his father, former Washington Diplomats and Trinidad & Tobago star Leon DeLeon. As many of you already know, Nick and his father lost contact after Leon and Nick's mother divorced, only reconnecting when the younger DeLeon turned pro before last season. It's a well-done segment, and worth the 7:20 or so to watch it, even if all you want to see is Nicky's Red Bull-killing moment from last year's playoffs (which - unbelievably - was only eight months ago).