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What Are You Drinking? Pretty soon, it's going to be this new collaboration.

Two of our favorite District institutions have teamed up to create a new beer that soccer fans in the DMV are litterally going to drink up this summer. And there's a contest to name it.

So, it's no secret that we here at B&RU like to enjoy an adult beverage now and again. Ever since our benevolent founder started our gamethreads, we've asked you what you were drinking for each game - and shared what we're imbibing for each podcast episode. Soon, though, there will be a single beer to unite D.C. United fans in hoppy unity.

United announced this morning that they have teamed with DC Brau, the largest and oldest of the craft breweries in operation within the District (which is to say, not particularly large or old by any objective standards, but still fantastic), to create a beer specifically for D.C. United and its fans. At 4.5-5% alcohol by volume, the golden ale won't be far from a session beer, which should make it perfect for tailgating. Once it's ready, you'll be able to find it at the brewery in Northeast, way out near the Maryland line, and at the team's bar partners.

What's more, they're holding a contest to name and brand the new brew. Click through to the article to find a link to the contest form. Just make sure you think about it before you submit - entries are limited to one per household, so only send in your best idea. Given our obvious nascent alcoholism love of responsible drinking, we'd be pretty stoked to see a B&RU reader claim the bragging rights, and prize package, on this one. So put on your Don Draper hats (felt trilby fedoras, most likely) and start thinking up a brand!