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Friday Open Thread: In which we wonder about D.C. United's 2014 kit situation

We know it should be black, and we know it won't have a VW on the chest. But what else do we want to see from the new D.C. United primary uniform that the team will wear next season?


D.C. United will have a new look in 2014. With both the all-black primary kit and the all-white secondary having run the typical MLS two-year cycle, United fans were expecting a refresh of both. But due to an MLS directive, the team is moving to stagger the two uniforms, and so only the home kit will get a new design for 2014, with the second look getting reworked for the 2015 season.

And now, details about the 2014 uniform set are starting to trickle out. It started earlier this week word dropped that Volkswagen would not be returning as United's shirt sponsor. Today, the team's retail store account put out this nugget:

So... Anybody have any idea what that could mean? Bueller?

Could we be seeing ribbony designs like adidas has put on the new Brazuca World Cup ball? Maybe a Carnival-esque pattern in the fabric? Maybe Talon gets a new buddy in the guise of a friendly armadillo thingy? Whatever it is, is there any chance that this ends up being a good thing?

Okay, let's not focus on tiny hints of Brazilian design inspiration. Let's instead take this afternoon to spitball on what we'd like to see in next year's uni - understanding, of course, that work on designing it started more than a year ago and the look is all but finalized.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the introduction of more red over the last couple of uniform iterations - we're the Black-and-Red, after all - and I'd like to see that continue. Maybe even a return to the red shorts from the team's inaugural season. I also wouldn't be disappointed to see predominantly red sleeves, whether the shorts end up being red or black.

And if we do get an all-black shirt-short combo, put me down in favor of red socks. It would add an element of menace to the uniforms the way Manchester United's famous black socks undeniably adds an x-factor to an otherwise vanilla red-white kit.

That might just be me, though. Let us know in the comments what you want to see United wearing in 2014. And feel free to discuss whatever else is on your mind, too - I'm sure there's something happening in the world of soccer today.