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D.C. United fan MLS Hate Index 2013

We all have teams we hate, but where do United's various MLS rivals rank in comparison with each other when it comes to the ire of those of us in the DMV? Today, we find out.

Metros & Gals - a matchup that has all D.C. United fans rooting for the sinkhole.
Metros & Gals - a matchup that has all D.C. United fans rooting for the sinkhole.
Victor Decolongon

We all know that D.C. United fans loathe us some Metros, but I've been curious for a while where the fan base puts other teams on our collective list of ire. So today, with MLS Cup looming in three days, I'm doing something about it: I am very happy to introduce the 2013 MLS Hate Index for Black and Red United.

Here's how it works: thumbs up for hate; thumbs town for tolerance or admiration. If somebody is higher on the Hate Index than you think they should be, then downvote them, and vice versa. The list is always in flux, so be sure to check back over the next few days to update your votes and ensure your voice is counted on the final list.

I fully expect the New York Red Bulls to retain their spot atop the rankings for the duration, but I'll make some other predictions:

  • The LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders will be the most hated Western Conference teams
  • Real Salt Lake and the Portland Timbers will be the among least hated teams.
  • The Philadelphia Union will be higher than they would have been had we run this last year, but not as high as they will be if we run this again next year. The opposite is true for the New England Revolution.
  • Most people will not vote up or down on Chivas USA or the Colorado Rapids. Sorry in advance for the collective indifference to visiting fans of those two clubs.
  • The Chicago Fire will rank higher in the minds of longer term fans of the Black-and-Red than they will for newer fans. This has more to do with United's recent inability to qualify for the playoffs than anything else.

So, without further ado, have at it.

D.C. United MLS Hate Index 2013

Who do you rate in your personal hate index? What surprises you about the voting? Let us know in the comments.