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D.C. United an unknowing participant in a Day of Holy Innocent's prank

Puebla FC and striker Matias Alustiza conspired to make people think that the Argentine striker was moving to D.C. United.


December 28 is the equivalent of April Fools' Day in many Spanish-speaking countries; it is called the Day of Holy Innocents' and it is common for people to play pranks on each other. Recently, in the soccer world, that has involved fans, media, and sometimes even players conspiring to trick everyone into thinking that people are moving teams, retiring, etc. Today, D.C. United was an unknowing participant in a prank played by Puebla FC and by one of their strikers, Matia Alustiza.

The Spanish-language version of ESPN FC fell for the joke, reporting that Alustiza was on his wait out of Puebla FC and on his way to D.C. United. However, an hour or so later, Alustiza let everyone know that it was all in good fun and that it was all a joke.

Just remember for next year: If you see any transfer rumors on December 28 next year, they are probably a fake.