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D.C. United 2017 salaries: Some big raises for the Black-and-Red

After 2016’s late-season improvement, some D.C. players got PAID

The MLS Players Union released the first salary figures of 2017 today (you can view them here), and we get to see the first updated salaries of Luciano Acosta and Steve Birnbaum. Both players are above the Designated Player threshold of $480,625, with United using General and/or Targeted Allocation Money to pay them down (hence United being one of two teams without a Designated Player). Salaries for Jose Ortiz and Ian Harkes are included, and updated numbers for players who were re-signed or given extensions this offseason (e.g. Sean Franklin and Jared Jeffrey).

We’ve taken the liberty of putting the roster numbers together below with their guaranteed salaries and base salaries. Most players are getting a small (or not so small) bump over the previous year, but Sebastian Le Toux did take a substantial cut to come play here in D.C.

Thoughts on the sticker prices? Who is the best deal on the team so far this season?

2019 D.C. United salaries

Last Name First Name Base Guaranteed
Last Name First Name Base Guaranteed
Acosta Luciano $600,000 $702,000
Amarikwa Quincy $70,250.04 $70,250.04
Arriola Paul $675,000 $707,000
Birnbaum Steve $525,000 $550,000
Boateng Emmanuel $185.000.04 $185.000.04
Brillant Frederic $264,999.96 $299.999.96
Bustamante Antonio $70,250.04 $74,484.83
Canouse Russell $247,500 $247,500
Durkin Chris $95,000.04 $104,375.04
Edwards Earl $70,250.04 $73,583.37
Fisher Oniel $70,250.04 $74,916.71
Hamid Bill $461,820 $487,495
Jara Leonardo $500,000.04 $560,000.04
Kamara Ola $240,000 $260,000
Martins Felipe $500,000.04 $560,000.04
Mora Joseph $150,000 $164,250
Moreno Junior $140,000.04 $159,500.04
Odoi-Atsem Chris $56,250 $56,250
Pedroso Marquinhos $375,000 $375,000
Pines Donovan $90,000 $102,000
Robinson Jalen $80,004 $80,004
Rodriguez Lucas $261,999.96 $298,549.86
Rooney Wayne $3,500,000.04 $3,507,500.04
Segura Ulises $169,999.92 $184,249.92
Seitz Chris $165,000 $165,000
Wild Gordon $99,999.96 $129,999.96
Yow Griffin $70,250.04 $76,368.37