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D.C. United jersey numbers for 2017

Two current players are changing their numbers

Last evening, D.C. United released the updated jersey numbers for the team. While most players are keeping their same numbers from last year, some players are changing while new players need to pick from the available numbers.

The last player to wear the coveted 10 shirt for D.C. United, Fabian Espindola, was traded in the middle of the season. After a season of wearing 11, Luciano Acosta has taken both Espindola’s role on the team and his jersey number, rightfully moving into the most famous shirt number in soccer.

Taking the 11 shirt vacated by Lucho will be new signing Sebastien Le Toux. Le Toux will be returning to a jersey number he has worn in the past, mostly for the Philadelphia Union. Jose Guillermo Ortiz, United’s new Costa Rican forward, will take the jersey of his countrymate Alvaro Saborio, donning the number 9.

Bill Hamid has worn number 28 since his debut, when Troy Perkins had the traditional goalkeeper number. Since Hamid seems content with that number, Travis Worra is abandoning 48 and moving up to take the number 1 shirt.

Finally, Ian Harkes is taking a number with plenty of meaning for United fans: 23. Most recently worn by Perry Kitchen, Harkes will have a lot to live up to by choosing that number.

Everyone else will retain their current numbers, and the trialists will have placeholder numbers in the preseason that may change if and when they make the team.