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D.C. United vs. Montreal Impact staff and reader predictions

The Black-and-Red return home looking for three points.

After a long, hard month on the road, D.C. United are finally back home at RFK. Whether that also means they get back to winning ways is something we'll just have to see about.

(Not that they were ever really in winning ways. Shhhh don't think about it too much.)


It's a home game! What are those? For those unfamiliar or who may have forgotten, it's when we gather at RFK Stadium for a watch party for the DCU match...except the match we're watching is on the field! With a week to get it together for the home crowd and a couple new and returning pieces, can we see DCU come out and get three very important points? My gut is we see one point. Lloyd Sam sets up Lamar Neagle for one goal, and Didier Drogba scores on the other side and it's a 1-1 draw.

Adam Taylor

D.C. United need to win this game, and somehow, I think they pull it off on home turf to give us at least a glimmer of hope of rising back above the red line and into playoff position. Look for los Capitalinos to press Montreal's defenders anytime le Bleu-Blanc-Noir have possession in their own third. I think Luciano Acosta forces a turnover and combines with Patrick Mullins (or whoever starts up top) to put Nick DeLeon in for a chance he won't miss. Drogba grabs an equalizer before halftime, but Lloyd Sam turns in a Taylor Kemp cross to the back post midway through the second 45 to give United a 2-1 win.

Ben Bromley

United still haven't posted back-to-back losses this year, so there is hope in the vagaries of fate. United also knows that they need to produce in this game to kick off the home stand right, so give me a 2-1 win for the Black and Red with goals from Patrick Mullins and from Lucho Acosta.


We know United's home form is very hit-or-miss, and Montreal is similarly unpredictable as a visitor. They've beaten Vancouver away, but have also lost to Orlando and been shut out by the Crew in road games. It's hard to say which version of either team we're going to see. I do think United will improve over recent performances, but I'm not sure they'll be quite good enough to win this time around. I'll join Adam (sort of) and Ben in predicting a Mullins goal, but I suspect United will not finish Montreal off when they have the chance. Ignacio Piatti pulls a rabbit out of his hat in the second half to create a goal for Dominic Oduro, and from there the Black-and-Red look shaky but manage to hang on to a 1-1 draw.

Leanne Elston

Look, the team lost last week, and they lost bad. The only upside is that, as Ben noted, the Black-and-Red have yet to start a losing streak this season. And there's no need to start now, especially not back at home after some rough road games over the last month. I'll say that the home side puts things somewhat right this weekend, with a 2-1 over the visitors. DCU goals courtesy of Own Goal (we don't deserve nice things) and Acosta (please give us nice things).

Well, can United deliver the home fans a win, or is it not to be? Tell us your predictions in the comments!