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D.C. United 0-0 New England Revolution: Player Ratings

In which we try to concisely sum up how each Black-and-Red player did Saturday.

D.C. United was on the West Coast Sunday night, so it was only fair that they come back to the East Coast and play on turf on a Saturday afternoon against New England, right? Lots of angst, hand-wringing and general woeing of us came out of the 0-0 draw, but that's one of the fun things in soccer, right?

So let's get to rating, shall we?

Travis Worra - 5

Didn't have to make a save until almost the first hour of the match, was generally calm and commanding of this area, and his play was without complaint. Amazing what playing a year in Richmond will do for you. Speaking of playing in Richmond before coming to the pros:

Taylor Kemp - 5.5

Second on the night in interceptions (4) and clearances (5), had a couple of second half blocked shots, and considering what he gives up to his marker (Teal Bunbury) in size, generally did an OK job. Has to do a better job of passing when he does have the ball.

Steve Birnbaum - 5.5

Passing was fine, in fact, identical to his center back mate, except he had more clearances (6 to Boswell's 4) and interceptions (3 to 1). Won five aerials on the night, tying him for first among his teammates. And this humorous tribute:

Bobby Boswell - 5

Passing a bit better on the night (71.5% compared to last week's 56%), even had a key pass to boot (Pale Pirlo!) and generally tried to move the ball forward where he could. It's easy to forget, as I have, that he's quietly learning a slightly new position at left center back

Sean Franklin - 4.5

Tied with Kemp in clearances (5) and one behind same in interceptions (3) and despite having a key pass on the night, had a shabby night passing; his 53.1% was not only shocking but not the worst of the field players last night, and had a sequence where he gave up the ball to Revs players deep in his own half on consecutive possessions in the second half that didn't exactly cover himself in glory. Granted, was handling the troublesome Diego Fagundez, but still.

Chris Rolfe - 5

Speaking of poor passing, Rolfe's 52.4% was hardly better (also had a key pass) and even had a shot. Along with Kemp, had to deal with Bunbury and in Rolfe's case, trying to do something with new acquisition Je-Vaughn Watson, but could and perhaps should have done better on the night.

Nick DeLeon- 5.5

Had a shot (yeah, that one) and a key pass, passing accuracy was OK, considering the rest of the pack at least. Defensively, credited with 4 tackles through WhoScored and had a couple of interceptions, and seemed to get a little more of the pulleying with Sarvas in the middle. I don't think it's viable on the long term, NDL as CM seems to be progressing.

Marcelo Sarvas - 7

A monster. Sarvas had 11 tackles on the night via WhoScored, while the team had 15 combined. Had 5 interceptions to go with it, along with two blocked shots, and led all field players in passing accuracy (save for Daigo Kobayashi, who came on in the 87th and connected on all four of his passes). Remember when people thought the question was why D.C. acquired a redundantly old guy for Davy Arnaud? Maybe the question should be when is he going to have to take a break from doing all this damn much work?

Rob Vincent - 4.5

First MLS start, had to go against Fagundez and Chris Tierney and could have done better with the latter, seemingly gave him a lot of room to work. Did have a tackle, a clearance and a couple of interceptions defensively, offensively had one of the team's three shots on goal, but didn't do a heckuva lot else.

Luciano Acosta - 5

The dive of Lee Nguyen aside, there was certainly contact that warranted a yellow, had three of the team's eight shots, one of which on goal, and he did this, on his first game on turf, which a lot of people liked:
Worth mentioning that his 41% was worst among all players, and left in the 62nd having 29 touches, the fewest of any player not named Chris Rolfe. The question of why he left wasn't answered as far as I know; perhaps it was to avoid getting that second yellow, or to get him off the field because of a problematic tweak none of us saw. Frankly I'd prefer to have him rested now as opposed to missing games six months from now.

Lamar Neagle - 5

Added five more won aerials and his only shot being one that was on goal. Was more aware defensively, with four credited tackles, but was knocked off the ball more often and/or lost control than last week. Still getting stuck in I'd presume.

Alvaro Saborio (Sub) - 4.5

Came on for Acosta, connected on 55% of his passes, had a tackle and a foul and...was there.

Julian Buescher (Sub) - 5

Came on for Rolfe in the 71st, connected on 5 of 7 passes including a cross. Still kind of finding his way but not out of place so much, which is encouraging.

Miguel Aguilar (Sub) - 5.5

The newly engaged Aguilar came on for Neagle in the 84 and broke Jose Goncalves ankles shortly thereafter, with one of the team's dangerous chances. Assuming there's the slightest bit of defensive responsibility, doesn't he force the issue of moving up the rotation?

Man of the Match

Sarvas, and it wasn't even close.