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D.C. United versus New York Red Bulls staff and reader predictions

D.C. United battles with the New York Red Bulls, and our opinions on what will happen are mixed.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United takes on the New York Red Bulls tonight, and they have a chance to win the Atlantic Cup. We're mixed on what is going to happen, but let us know what you think will go down in the comments!


We're going up to Jersey to dominate. We've been told that the Red Bulls are the best team in the East, that the road to MLS Cup will go through Red Bull Arena. Enough league fans! Y'all musta forgot!! We're going up to Harrison and the Black & Red are going to make a statement that DC STILL rules this country (and the Red Bulls) like we've always done before.

3-1 United, with 2 Saborio goals and 1 Rolfe goal and the team letting Bradley Wright-Phillips give them a pity goal at the very end.

Steven Streff

Sorry United fans. DC heads up to New Jersey this weekend having dropped their past two MLS games. That streak doesn't end on Sunday, as United can't cope with an in form NYRB team, losing 3-1. Rolfe applies the lone finish for United to give them hope in the second half, but the Red Bulls score late on to ensure all three points.


Chicago just broke up NYRB's form with a #peakMLS Wednesday night win, showing that the Red Bulls are not necessarily as good at coping with pressure as they are at applying it. United should be able to use some of those lessons Sunday night; I expect them to have at least picked up on the fact that you can't just defend inside your box against NYRB. United will still endure some periods of having to defend at length, but they should be able to push back and threaten as well. Final score? Espindola is a sub in the final 20 minutes, and his corner kick is nodded in by Bobby Boswell for a 1-0 win. Why? Because we're United and they're the friggin' Red Bulls. Laws of nature, etc.

Adam Taylor

It might be the eternal optimist/borderline homer in me, but the closer we get to this game, the better I find myself feeling about it. I've gone from thinking we lose this one to saying draw, and now I'm leaning toward United eking it out. By kickoff, I'll probably think DC gets the two-goal victory needed to retain the Atlantic Cup. I'm not there yet, though, so I'll say 2-1 to the forces of good, goals from Rolfe and Saborio on either side of a Kljestan penalty conversion.

Ryan Keefer

Since 2012 when Nick DeLeon bounced the Red Bulls out of the playoffs, D.C. United have played at Red Bull Arena 5 times and have scored 1 goal, and have not scored a goal there since Lewis Neal did 2013. Some dummy blathered on about D.C. not showing up when they have to in games, and this is kind of one of those games. D.C. drops a 2-1 game, despite a goal from Rolfe that brings them close, but not close enough.

Ben Bromley

D.C. United needs to win by two goals to clinch the Atlantic Cup. I don't think they'll be able to make it. I think a 1-0 victory if Bill Hamid starts, securing three points but not the Atlantic Cup.