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D.C. United versus Chicago Fire staff and reader predictions

We are all confident about D.C. United's abilities tonight.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United have a midweek game tonight, in the middle of an onslaught of soccer games. We're all very confident, which is a bad sign for United's actual result; leave your predictions in the comments!

Ryan Keefer

Even playing on limited rest against a Fire team that had an off week, hopefully an old like Chris Rolfe can return home with a bit of a chip on his shoulder still against the team from Bridgeview and make things less than optimal for the home squad. D.C. SHOULD win, though I imagine it'll be a 1-0 or 2-1 type of deal with Rolfe keeping his goal scoring output...

on Fire.


Adam Taylor

Ryan forgot to put on his sunglasses, but other than that, I have to agree with him. Rolfe seems to be re-finding his form and his chemistry with Espindola. With United's defense facing some all-but-guaranteed rotation thanks to the Evil Gods of MLS Scheduling (EGOMS, for short - this will likely come up again), I think it's likely we Shipp a goal. (See what I did there?) Nevertheless, Rolfe and Nick DeLeon put a couple past the Chicago D - both assisted by Fabian Espindola, because obviously. 2-1 good guys.


Chicago will face this game without their most dangerous goal threat (David Accam), their most expensive player (Shaun Maloney), and their ROTY candidate starting defensive midfielder (Matt Polster). Yes, this game comes on short rest for United, but the Fire are already MLS's bottom club. With their absences, there are no excuses for anything but a win. That's not to say I expect a stylish display; look for United to be cagey at the start before trying to up the tempo before and after halftime. That should be enough against what is a troubled Chicago team. Espindola gets himself a goal just before halftime to make it 1-0, and United bags a second on a scramble from a corner kick...let's go with Kitchen to score that one. 2-0 DCU.


I'm going Rambo on this prediction...Chris Rolfe gets to finally face his old team. Chris Rolfe is about to ball all the way out. Chris channels his inner Hat Trick Rick and puts 3 biscuits in the basket. He even lets Espindola have some fun too. I'll give Chicago 1, but the final is 4-1 to the Black & Red.


DC arrives in Chicago on top of the League and expecting to take home a win. But they will do it conservatively. Both sides will look like they are bunkering for most of the game. DC will start to turn it up around the 70th minute when Corea subs in and scores minutes later. DC wins, 1-0.

Ben Bromley

This is going to be a very strange roster, with a lot of changes coming in. However, I think Fabian Espindola starts and Fabian Espindola scores; Chris Rolfe comes off the bench late and scores the winner for United to take it 2-1.