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MLS Disciplinary Committee gives Chris Rolfe a one-game suspension

Rolfe's kick-out while falling means he'll miss out tomorrow night against the Chicago Fire.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In a development we saw coming, the MLS Disciplinary Committee confirmed that it was suspending D.C. United attacker Chris Rolfe for one game. The official DisCo line here is "violent conduct that endangered the safety of an opponent," which they ruled occurred as Rolfe tumbled over after being shoved down by Vincent Nogueira of the Philadelphia Union. Here's the incident in GIF form:

That last camera angle does make the action look more intentional and less accidental than the first one. Oddly enough, referee Ted Unkel had a clear look at the play and opted to book Nogueira for his foul, but apparently saw nothing wrong with the rest of it.

One can't help but assume that the Union's post-game focus on this incident made extra-sure the committee actually took a look at the play. That isn't to say I condone Rolfe's kick here, but the Union came across almost more aggrieved about the foul than losing the soccer game. In any case, they get what they wanted (though ironically enough, it will directly aid someone they're competing for 6th place with).

In any case, Rolfe's suspension will see him miss tomorrow night's match against the Chicago Fire, his former club. Given United's current injury situation - Fabian Espindola and Luis Silva are in all likelihood not going to suit up for this one either - it's a big blow. While the Fire are erratic and vulnerable defensively, they've also scored 7 goals in their last 3 games. Someone else on the roster is going to have to bring some creativity and some class to the lineup for United to take another three points at home. Facundo Coria comes to mind immediately, but after months as a free agent it's unclear exactly how many minutes he can play. Collin Martin is allegedly training at full speed, but it seems unlikely that he's ready to play more than 30 minutes after a long layoff.