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D.C. United versus Orlando City SC staff and reader predictions

In these times of confusion, no one knows what will happen when D.C. United and Orlando City play.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The crystal balls are broken, the 8-balls are on the fritz, and we have no idea what is going to happen when D.C. United and Orlando City SC meet on Sunday. Are you prognostications up to snuff? Let us know what you think will happen in the comments!

Ryan Keefer

I think quietly that while D.C. United may have as close to a full complement of players as possible, what we see Sunday could be a barometer on Ben Olsen, minutes managers. Do we see a full out starting roster? Will Luis Silva get a start? Will Fabian Espindola go 90? Whatever the case, a D.C. team with full rest and a full complement of players SHOULD beat Orlando City, or at least tie them 2-2 on goals by Espindola and Davy Arnaud.


There are a lot of questions about which starting XI Ben Olsen puts out there, especially given the one week "break" in action. I would expect he goes for more youth subs in the sweltering sun. As it stands, Orlando has started to play a bit within themselves, but United is better than Orlando. 2-1 DCU, gimme goals by Silva and Espindola.

Adam Taylor

For some reason, I'm having trouble settling on a prediction. Head and heart both want say United wins by a goal or two, but I have a nagging feeling that the Black-and-Red let in a soft goal and settle for the draw. 1-1.

Leanne Elston

What are the odds that DCU can go to Orlando twice and get two away wins? I want to believe it's possible, especially because I will be making my first road (er, plane) trip for a game, and a win would really cap the weekend nicely. But for some reason I'm feeling like the Black-and-Red will have to settle for a draw in this one. Hey, still a point, though. I'll say 1-1, Espindola with the goal.


My Magic 8 Ball is stumped on this one. In my gut, DCU probably loses this game because it's away, they already won in Orlando away once, and this feels like a slumpy period, but Orlando hasn't quite gelled as a team yet. So I just can't say. I'll go with Orlando for the win, 2-1. Goal by Coria.


Soccer's a funny game. United will be better than their last visit to the Citrus Bowl, but I suspect the result isn't as good. Espindola scores after halftime, but so does Kaka. 1-1.

Ben Bromley

Nine points! D.C. United will play evenly with Orlando City like they always have in our decades long history with them, but also eek out a win. 2-1? 2-1.