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D.C. United versus Sporting Kansas City preview: Behind Enemy Lines with KC blog The Blue Testament

Peter Vermes and company come to RFK tonight; we got the preview from our fellow SB Nation site The Blue Testament.

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With D.C. United taking on Sporting Kansas City tonight, we reached out to Cody Bradley of The Blue Testament to get the lowdown on all things Sporting. Here is what he had to say!

Questions for The Blue Testament

B&RU: How has the transition to the Western Conference treated Sporting Kansas City?

tBT: SKC have actually played 4 of the 9 games against the East, and Houston came over with them; so it hasn't felt all that different. I should also note (with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek), domination of the old division has continued as KC has 10 points from just those 4 games which would put them in 5th place in the East. After dealing with new players adjusting and some injuries thus far, it will indeed be very nice to get another crack at RSL and the Galaxy this year!

B&RU: Roger Espinoza was a key piece for SKC a couple years ago; how has he re-integrated into the team?

tBT: Espinoza has absolutely returned as a key part of the squad. His ferociousness and, of course, the Roger face were missed. He has returned from Wigan a more mature player as he promised. With the injuries on the backline and a lack of Uri Rosell, he cannot necessarily roam forward too often, but he has shown the ability to connect beautiful long passes. Roger has an assist and a goal so far. That goal in the 2nd game has given him some confidence and now if he gets an inch he will rip a shot from anywhere. His veteran presence in dealing with injuries and new players has been very important in keeping Sporting within striking distance of the top of the league.

B&RU: After a slow start to the season, Sporting has gained some consistency throughout April; how are you feeling about the team right now?

tBT: There were several changes from the team last year, whether it was new signings or players returning from injuries and abroad. So an adjustment period was to be expected. Injuries to Opara, Sinovic, and Nemeth also slowed the process down. Dom Dwyer has missed some key chances that led to some missing points as well. It has always taken him a while to get going, but it might be time to worry about him. Two games ago Vermes had someone else take a penalty, and then last game Dom missed a header that his grandmother could have slotted home. But yes, the team has been looking better. Everyone has had a chance to get acclimated to league and/or the team. Krisztian Nemeth has 3 goals and only just getting warmed up. Benny Feilhaber not only has the best hair of his career, but he is helping the children of KC and playing the best soccer of his career. Plus, Chance Myers is due back in June which should give some stability to the back line. Although Dom's form has been troubling there is less pressure on him to score this season and I believe he will come around. While things haven't gone exactly according to plan, Sporting KC is in a good position and will look to keep climbing the ranks.

B&RU: Lineup and prediction?

tBT: (4-3-3) Luis Marin, Jalil Anibaba, Kevin Ellis, Matt Besler, Seth Sinovic, Soni Mustivar, Roger Espinoza, Benny Feilhaber, Krisztian Nemeth, Dom Dwyer, Graham Zusi

Nemeth and Dwyer put the away side ahead until a late defensive mishap leads to an Espindola equalizer. I say 2-2!

To see my answers to Cody's questions, head on over to The Blue Testament.