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Upon Further Review: Chris Rolfe's Retaliation Kick

Headband or not, this isn't a good look.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In the second half of D.C. United's win over the Philadelphia Union, Union player Vincent Nogueira fouled Chris Rolfe from about 25 yards out. Rolfe went down, and Nogueira went down after him. Players like Maurice Edu and Sebastien Le Toux were wondering why Rolfe didn't get some form of punishment. And as the below shows, they would appear to have a case:

The replay appears to show Rolfe kicking Nogueira in the ribs with his right foot as Nogueira goes by. What makes the result even more aggravating for the Union is that Rolfe converted the penalty kick game-winner 20 minutes later for the win.

Philadelphia coach Jim Curtin apparently has a lot of people saying that Rolfe should get some sort of suspension for his actions. But on optics alone, one would be surprised if Rolfe does not get a call from the Disciplinary Committee at a minimum on this. With Rolfe's former team the Chicago Fire coming to town Wednesday, Rolfe would presumably hear about this sooner than later.