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D.C. United versus Philadelphia Union staff and reader predictions

Even though they were disappointing the last time out, we are confident.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United takes on the Philadelphia Union today in what seems like their 49453rd encounter this season. Despite previous results, we are fairly confident. Let us know what you think will happen in the comments, or come tell us to our faces at our tailgate in Lot 8 today!

Ryan Keefer

Well, let's try and figure out who even plays in this thing, right? Figure Chris Rolfe, Davy Arnaud and Chris Pontius should be available to start, and Nick DeLeon should either start or be available as a sub. That's good, right? Given that, Philadelphia has eeked out wins over East rivals the last two games and sitting at home this week should help them, though I'll presume enough gaming will have been done ahead of the game for it to be not as dour as the last game these two played was. 2-1 DC in an ugly game with goals from Rolfe and...Facundo Coria.


The last couple weeks have seen DCU somehow hold onto 1st place in the Supporters Shield standings despite only collecting 1 point in 3 games and scoring 1 goal in those 3 games. With the weather vaulting to 90 degrees Saturday, this is the best chance for the team to catch fire on the field. We don't know who's going to play this week in the middle of the most brutal stretch of the season so far (5 games in 14 days), but this is the first of a week of 3 at home and DC gets back on track. Give me 2-1 United, goals by Aguilar and Rolfe.


These guys again? Already? Here's the deal. We just had a game where we played with our full depth. So our depth, which we'll continue to rely upon for some time, got some serious minutes in Portland. Our starters who can still walk or walk again are now better-rested. I predict DCU will be in the zone on Saturday, despite this relentless schedule. Pontius and Coria score. Halstimania will be a thing. DC wins, 2-0.

Leanne Elston

Time to get back to winning ways, and a Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday trio of home games is a pretty good time to do that. It's tough to say who Olsen will start in this one given injuries and the need to manage minutes, but I think it's safe to say we see at least some of our starters back on the field. I want to predict this will be a solid win for United, but I have a feeling they make it hard on themselves and only get by with a nervy 1-0. Goal from Pontius. (Eventually if I keep predicting he'll score, he will, right?)


Fight. Scratch. Claw. Grit. Bite. Character. Work. Battle. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Kill. Win. United 1-0, goal by Rolfe.

Adam Taylor

Who'd have thought it would be Philly coming into this one riding a two-game winning streak while United have gone winless in three? Time to break both streaks. Los Capitalinos take this one 2-0 on goals from Rolfe and Coria. No need for Boswell to stand in at striker this time.