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D.C. United versus Philadelphia Union preview: Behind Enemy Lines w/Philly blog The Brotherly Game

We turn to the north to preview D.C. United's game against the Philadelphia Union tonight.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United are in Philadelphia for tonight's game against the Union. To preview the game, we turned to our friend Eugene Rupinski of The Brotherly Game to answer some questions about tonight's titanic struggle. For my answers to Eugene's questions, head over to The Brotherly Game and check them out.

Questions for The Brotherly Game

B&RU: What is it with the Union and goalkeepers? Is it just that Nick Sakiewicz is a former keeper himself and can't stop tinkering?

TBG: That's the $64,000 question. The club has now had seventeen goalkeepers in six years - and the sixth season isn't done yet. While the Union have repeatedly stated that Sakiewicz isn't currently handling personnel moves, that doesn't account for the first five seasons. The situation is a complete mess, and unfortunately won't be solved until Rais M'Bolhi is gone and Andre Blake is healthy (or our next big-dollar signing goalkeeper comes in).

B&RU: If you could sign a player at any position right now for the Union, what would you target?

TBG: Goalkeeper.

Serious answer, I'd go with a center back. Steven Vitoria has been decent, and Ethan White has been serviceable, but we've been missing that rock on defense since Carlos Valdes left/was transferred. There's been a lack of leadership from the back, and having a strong center back to pair with Vitoria would improve things immensely.

B&RU: What is the road forward for the Union this year? Is it already too late?

TBG: It's technically not too late, especially with the East being so weak. That being said, it's going to be very, very difficult to make the playoffs. Our only hope here is that the Union can make another US Open Cup run like last year - and actually finish the job this time. As for a road forward, I just want to see the Union improve. Game by game, play by play, I want to see things get better. I want to see runs made and rewarded. I want to see passes go from sloppy and hopeful to precise and purposeful. Even if they don't win another match this season, I want to see things getting better.

B&RU: Lineup and predictions?

TBG: Lineup: Sylvestre; Williams, White, Vitoria, Gaddis; Edu, Nogueira; Wenger, Maidana, Ayuk; Le Toux

Prediction: DC's midweek match against Orlando will only help the Union keep it close. 2-0 United