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Presenting the B&RU exclusive 2015 D.C. United Field Guide

Longtime B&RU reader Stunned Duck has put together another lovely one-page PDF containing United's 2015 roster.

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Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

For years now, we've had the privilege of running this feature, and I'm glad to bring it back for 2015. Reader Stunned Duck has put together a one-page field guide for D.C. United's 2015 roster that you can download below. It's a handy way to recognize the new faces, see what positions everyone on the squad can play, and has some crucial information like who the Designated Players are, which country each player is from, and more.

The best use for the field guide isn't for hardcore fans, though obviously we hope it goes over well with people who can't get enough DCU. Instead, in my experience I've found the field guide to be great for helping the casual fan learn more about their new favorite soccer team. If your tailgate is anything like mine, you know a few people who want to know who such-and-such is, or how many guys can play left back, or where the new signing is from originally. Bookmark this page and send it their way. It's a good way to proselytize.

On behalf of the B&RU staff, I'd like to thank Stunned Duck for his fine work. And now, without further adieu:

B&RU's 2015 D.C. United Field Guide