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Dave Kasper to Sign Contract Extension With D.C. United

The Black and Red General Manager is going to stick around and have his fingers in a few more things.

Elsa/Getty Images

Less than one month after rumors that Dave Kasper would be given a contract extension, Steven Goff reports that said extension is now official, running through the 2017 season, which would be the anticipated first one in D.C. United's new home at Buzzard Point. UPDATE: The team website now has the official announcement that Kasper has signed a "multi-year extension."

Along with the extension for the General Manager, Kasper has been given the title of Vice President of Soccer Operations, and even in the course of the 20 days since the rumor of the extension came out, the team has announced their residency program and formation of a U-23 team in Virginia. On a side/trivia note, the U-23's home in Leesburg and the first team's future home in the city are approximately equidistant for Kasper drive wise, so he could not have planned that better.

Goff continues to say the team will make the deal official tomorrow, but also put in two notes of curiosity. The first was in the article, where he says that an unidentified MLS tried to poach Kasper (from memory, the New York Red Bulls were in the market for such a position last offseason, even exploring former D.C. United coaches Tom Soehn and Curt Onalfo before landing on former D.C. player Ali Curtis). The second was more anecdotal, from twitter:

Regardless, with the increased structure within D.C. United's youth programs and the coming investment on senior squad, hopefully Kasper will make choices with the same pragmatism on a larger scale.