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Countdown to soccer: 17 days - How will Miguel Aguilar fit into D.C. United's plans?

How will D.C. United's first round pick figure into their plans this year?

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

With 17 days left until the season begins, D.C. United has already gone through a first round of trialists, with more likely to come when the team goes to Austin. One of the unsigned players still left with the team is their first round draft pick, Miguel Aguilar. He, Rauwshawn McKenzie, David Estrada, and Andrew Driver are the unsigned players with the most minutes played so far, and it seems like Estrada is the player against whom Aguilar would be most directly competing.

That said, they are two rather different players. Estrada likes to stay wide when played on the wing and can also play forward; Aguilar, on the other hand, is more akin to Nick DeLeon in that he plays more narrow and with the ball at his feet. DeLeon was extremely healthy last year, but with United competing in at least four events this year, he is going to need days off throughout the season. Having a player who fills the same role as the player he is replacing, rather than playing a slightly different style, makes your team more modular and adaptable to whatever happens over the course of a season. Estrada performed well enough last season, but does he really rise to the level of The Standard? However, this direct competition may be made moot with the injury situation to D.C. United's front line.

If he does make the team, and I think he will, what is an acceptable amount of playing time for Aguilar? I obviously see him in US Open Cup and 2015-2016 Concacaf Champions League group stage matches, but I think he has a chance to step in right away rather than being sent to Richmond to develop most of the year. How do you think Aguilar will fit in this season?