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D.C. United 2015 Preaseason Minutes & Positions Tracker v2.0

Now that the first phase of preseason is behind us, let's see who Ben Olsen is running out at which positions.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Who's ready for another Preseason Minutes & Positions Tracker update? (For those of you who missed the first iteration of this year's Tracker, this is where we check in on who Ben Olsen is running out at which positions and for how long to get an idea on how D.C. United's depth chart is shaking out heading into the new season.) Let's do it.

Updated Feb 7, 2015 GK App St Min Through 3 preseason games
Travis Worra 2 1 135
Diego Restrepo* 2 2 118
Ricardo Anedda* 1 0 17
RB App St Min CB App St Min LB App St Min
Sean Franklin 3 2 121 Kofi Opare 3 3 170 Taylor Kemp 3 3 161
Rauwshawn McKenzie* 2 0 73 Bobby Boswell 3 3 153 Chris Korb 1 0 45
Florida Man* 2 0 34 Sean St. Ledger* 2 0 90 Florida Man* 1 0 28
Chris Korb 1 1 32 Florida Man* 2 0 55 Andrew Driver* 1 0 19
Jalen Robinson 1 0 10 Rauwshawn McKenzie* 2 0 44 Jalen Robinson 1 0 17
Futty Danso* 1 0 28
RM App St Min CM App St Min LM App St Min
Miguel Aguilar* 3 0 121 Davy Arnaud 3 3 144 Andrew Driver* 3 1 103
Nick DeLeon 2 2 82 Markus Halsti 2 2 110 Chris Rolfe 2 2 88
Sean Franklin 1 1 32 Dan Metzger 3 0 107 David Estrada* 2 0 60
Conor Doyle 1 0 13 Jared Jeffrey 3 1 85 Collin Martin 1 0 19
Collin Martin 1 0 12
David Estrada* 1 0 10
Not Appearing CAM App St Min ST App St Min
Eddie Johnson Collin Martin 2 0 78 Fabian Espindola 3 3 149
Luis Silva Rod Dyachenko* 1 0 12 Jairo Arrieta 3 0 135
Steven Birnbaum Chris Pontius 3 3 122
Perry Kitchen David Estrada* 3 0 56
Bill Hamid Conor Doyle 2 0 55
Michael Seaton * not under contract
Andrew Dykstra released from camp

Thoughts? Observations?

  • We've added the new "released from camp" strikethrough, meaning that some trials have come to an end. In the case of Rod Dyachenko, I'll add the word "mercifully" to that phrase. Center back trialists Futty Danso and Sean St. Ledger have also departed, as have both goalkeeper try-outs not named Travis Worra. Pending what the yet-to-be-negotiated CBA has to say about roster sizes, things are looking good for Worra and Rauwshawn McKenzie to make the squad.
  • Speaking of the GK spot, look for both Bill Hamid and Andrew Dykstra to make their way onto this chart when United head for Texas for the final stage of preseason.
  • Same for Perry Kitchen, who will be rejoining the team in Texas after earning his first cap for the United States this weekend. (And in midfield, not defense, to boot!)
  • Steve Birnbaum, also fresh off his first cap, looks to be on the shelf for a couple of weeks, though, after suffering a "minor" MCL tweak in national team camp. It's reported as a 10-14 day injury, so he could be back on the field in the week before United faces CD Alajuelense in Costa Rica - or we could see Kofi Opare get the nod. Either way, Opare looks like he'll continue to get starts this preseason.
  • It's still hard to say who has the inside track between out-of-contract players Andrew Driver and David Estrada, though. Both have been used in various roles, so it may come down to versatility in addition to how they look in what seems to be their primary role at outside midfield.
  • Those of us who have been calling for Chris Pontius to move from outside midfield to forward on a more permanent basis may just be getting our wish, as he has partnered Fabian Espindola up top to start all three matches so far. There's somewhat less defensive responsibility (read: reactive sprinting) at forward, so the thought may be that his surgically repaired hamstrings will hold up better there. Or, it may be that all our other forwards seem to be out injured, so Partyboy could well be making the move out of necessity rather than preference. Or it could be both. Or I could be reading way too much into things (it's been known to happen).
  • Mysterious hero Florida Man just kept getting minutes across the back line. Only time will tell whether we'll see the fabled #37 on the field in the second half of upcoming games in Austin, but I, for one, hope he keeps playing and we keep learning nothing about him. I love me a good enigma.
What sticks out to you on this latest update of the Tracker? Let us know down in the comments.