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D.C. United unveil new white and red secondary jersey

United's new jersey is unveiled at a season ticket holder event at Pinstripes in Georgetown

D.C. United unveiled their new secondary jersey on Sunday, at a season ticket holder event at Pinstripes in Georgetown. While players and coaches mingled and competed against season ticket holders in bocce and bowling, midfielder Chris Rolfe unveiled the jersey to the hundreds gathered.

The primarily white jersey features a heavy hit of red near the top of the jersey in the front. The chest is a solid red section, which turns into red stripes further down the jersey. Shirt sponsor Leidos retains their spot with their logo, which is in black, instead of the white found on the home jersey. The sleeves are white with three red stripes running down the side, and the stripes are continued on the sides of the shorts, which are also white. The lettering in the numbering on the back of the jerseys are in black, using the standard MLS font.

A big talking point about the jersey is the alteration to the badge on the jersey. The new top forgoes the traditional red in the badge, and consists just of a black background with a white eagle and lettering. Although not a change to the team's badge in general (the home team jersey still bears the team's normal badge), it is the first time since the team went to the current badge in 1998 that a jersey has featured an altered badge. Here are some additional photos on said details:



In addition to the unveiling, a bit of team news came out during the event.

Birnbaum's injury is not expected to keep him out for an extended period of time. He and Perry Kitchen, with the United States national team, are due to meet up with the team in Austin, TX, where the team will travel this week to partake in the ATX Pro Challenge. The Eddie Johnson situation is another story, and will warrant attention in the coming weeks as United close in on the 2015 season.

So, what do you think of the new secondary jersey? Were you at the event and acquired the new jersey? Did you get any signatures from the players or play them in bocce or bowling?