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D.C. United releases Dan Metzger

With a logjam at central midfield, D.C. United has released Dan Metzger

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Goff is reporting that D.C. United has released central midfielder Dan Metzger. He apparently had a non-guaranteed contract, so his release won't complicate United's cap so much. Goff also reports that, besides the fact that United has a logjam at central midfield, Metzger has been gaining some interest from lower-division clubs; United has a history of doing right by their players, so releasing him when he has interest elsewhere is a good move by the team.

Metzger faced long odds from the beginning, with Perry Kitchen, Davy Arnaud, Markus Halsti, Collin Martin, and Jared Jeffrey all ahead of him; Nick DeLeon has also gotten some time at central midfield recently. Since 2010, the only D.C. United draft picks outside of the first round that are still in MLS are Chris Korb and Joe Willis; none of the draft picks that United have cut have succeeded with other MLS teams. Best wishes to Dan in his future.