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D.C. United sign Miguel Aguilar

The list of trialists gets even shorter with United signing their first round draft pick.

D.C. United has reduced the number of trialists on their squad, with Steve Goff reporting that the team has signed first-round pick Miguel Aguilar to a contract. Aguilar, a forward/winger in college at San Francisco University, looks to be a backup to Nick DeLeon and Michael Farfan; a stint in Richmond this year is looking likely as well. D.C. United has done well with their draft picks in the last half-decade, and so I expect Aguilar to develop into a solid contributor over the next year or two.

His signing, along of that of Michael Farfan, likely spelled the end for Andrew Driver, who was cut from camp this week. Aguilar is younger, cheaper, and faster than Driver, so that made it almost a forgone conclusion. Also, David Estrada was curiously left off the names of the trialists that were brought in by D.C. United to their camp in Austin, though he is still on the preseason roster. That could mean that he is close to re-signing and so is just considered a member of the team, that he is about to be or has already been let go and they just haven't announced it yet, or it could mean absolutely nothing at all.

Congrats Miguel!