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Get your ass on the bus to Jersey.

D.C. United needs us Sunday as the 2015 season is on the line against the Metros. Get on the bus.

We all know the Black-and-Red are playing for their lives Sunday up in New Jersey. Here to talk about why you should be on the roadtrip north this weekend is the Screaming Eagles' Paul Sotoudeh. If you don't need convincing, you can purchase tickets to the game and/or bus through the Screaming Eagles or through La Barra Brava.

So you’re on the fence about going to New Jersey for D.C. United’s playoff game on Sunday.

You saw the 1-0 loss at RFK last weekend, know the task for the good guys is tall, and are thinking, "Maybe I should skip the trip up I-95 and just watch from home instead."

You’re a D.C. United fan. What’s the best part of being a DC United fan? It’s being there for moments like this:

and this:

and even this:

It’s about being there for your team’s greatest victories against its archrival.

One goal.

We’re talking about one goal. When DC scores first on Sunday, the loser ghosts of MetroBull past will start filling the heads of every fan and player with an energy drink billboard for a shirt, and you’ll be there to see their championship dreams slowly disintegrate – just as they have for the last 19 seasons – and better yet, you’ll be there to see D.C. United, as they have done so many times before, deliver the death blow.

It will be glorious. And if you miss it, you will kick yourself forever as those brave enough and passionate enough to have made the trip get to celebrate the glory in person.

So get on the bus. Or get on the other bus. Or get on a train, or get in a car – and get to Harrison, New Jersey by 3pm on Sunday. Because it’s the playoffs. And another glorious D.C. United moment awaits you.