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Alvaro Saborio Extends Contract For One Year, Reports Alvaro Saborio

Looks like we may have the Tico for another year after all.

In a video interview with Costa Rica's Tico Deporte, D.C. United forward Alvaro Saborio might have let slip that he has extended his time with the Black and Red.

The interview (which you can see here, and also includes a PDF transcript) covers his time and thoughts about the National Team and players on it, and how he came to Real Salt Lake. At 9:55, he is asking about retiring with Saprissa, and Saborio says, "Vamos a ver que pasa en el futuro, todavía me queda un año de contrite aqui." Quickly Gtranslated? "Let's see what happens in the future, I still have a year of contract here."

This would appear to conflict with what was previously known about Saborio's contract, which was reported as expiring this year both by RSL press as well as press in D.C., with the forward on guaranteed compensation of $493,333 in 2015. Saborio turns 34 early in the 2016 season, so one can assume if this is true, the compensation number will be a more manageable one for the team. With four goals in just under 750 minutes (he had 3 in 1100 minutes with his last team), he appears to have found some of his RSL form once again. Team officials have not responded to our request for Saborio's status as of yet.

Thoughts on this development?