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D.C. United versus New York City FC staff and reader predictions

Please, please win. Meow, meow meow.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of predicting, it seems like most of us are hoping for a D.C. United win tonight over New York City FC. Our predictions follow, and let us know what you think will happen (or hope will happen) in the comments!


Please let us win, please let us win, please let us win, please let us win, please let us win...prediction: game is tied 1-1 when play is suspended at halftime due to Joaquin's appearance. Goal by Espindola.


It's raining Ben! Hallelujah, it's raining Ben! Amen! I forsee an ugly, soggy affair that ends 2-2 on goals from DeLeon and Rolfe.

Adam Taylor

Driving rain, gusting wind, the eye of the hurricane bearing down. Just another Wednesday night in Stoke, or the Last Days of Estadio RFK. United takes a note from the Bowser administration and leaves it late, but squeaks out a 2-1 win that nobody will be quite sure really happened. Pirlo scores on a deflected free kick before a Rolfe brace (including one from the spot) finally makes the playoffs a mathematical certainty.


If there is a game, and that's a big if, DCU will wish there hadn't been. I can't see this ending well for the Black and Red. We'll be down 0-2 by halftime, unable to secure possession in the midfield (why would this change now, in these conditions, with Pirlo prowling about?). We'll have a good stretch in the first part of the second half, with a Rolfe goal, but that flicker of hope won't last long. NYCFC puts another in the net to re-stretch their lead. Final score, DC 1, NYC 3.

Ryan Keefer

DC should hope that Friday's game gets played so it muddies the track even further for any through balls from Andrea Pirlo. Kitchen and Halsti played well for awhile against NYCFC before Poku poked through, and one would presume Jason Kreis plays the hot hand which would mean keeping him out of the starting lineup Friday. 1-0 DCU win, capping off a nice week off the field with an on the field accomplishment, with Kofi Opare heading a corner home in the second half.

Leanne Elston

The forecast is looking pretty dismal for this one--remains to be seen if the game will even happen. If it does, though, I want to believe that the terrible weather will work in DCU's favor. I have no real reason to believe it will, but I'm grasping for something here. I'll say that the game is 1-1 for most of the 90 minutes (opener by Espindola), and Rolfe scores late for a 2-1 win, making the undoubtedly miserable night at RFK actually worth it.

Steven Streff

It's been a couple weeks coming, but DC United finally get into the playoffs with a 1-1 draw with NYCFC (with Orlando dropping points as well). It's not pretty, but the performance is marginally better, as Rolfe adds to his team leading scoring mark.


An ugly, rain-soaked, game awaits at RFK, and it's to United's benefit against a possession-reliant NYCFC. I imagine that DCU will still try to give some early goals up, but eventually both sides settle in for a game of aerial challenges. One of these turns into a loose ball that Fabian Espindola pokes over the line 1-0 to the team that isn't irrationally benching Thomas McNamara.

Ben Bromley

Even though Joaquin looks like it won't trouble us this weekend, it is going to be a gross, wet, muddy, game tonight. And that doesn't even mention the weather! *rimshot* They have to win at some point though, so I will go with a 2-1 win for D.C. United and they finally right the ship and clinch the playoffs.