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Bill Hamid up for Save of the Week (Related news: water is wet)

Without their homegrown 'keeper, D.C. United would not have won in San Jose. And be honest, his stop really is the best of the bunch here.

On Friday night, D.C. United entered stoppage time up 2-1 against the San Jose Earthquakes. There is one big reason that score held till the end of stoppage time: Bill Hamid. This save was the most spectacular of a highlight reel's worth of saves by the Annandale, Va. native. Alan Gordon is all alone at the back post, and all he has to do - or so he thinks - is nod the ball into the gaping, empty net. But then Bill Hamid.

We hear all the time that the game "slows down" for players at the very highest levels. This was one of those moments where you can actually watch the game slow down for Bill Hamid. He's never flailing or out of control on his save - his every motion has a purpose - he shuttles his feet to get across, he recognizes the threat, he make himself big, and finally he swats the ball away and gets himself back into position. There aren't half a dozen goalkeepers in MLS who could make that save with any kind of regularity. Bill Hamid is one of them.

So go vote for his save for Save of the Week. Just like last week, if you're a DCU fan, you owe him that much.