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D.C. United vs. New England Revolution staff and reader predictions thread

We are just over 24 hours from kickoff, so it's time to go on the record.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

Two teams struggling to score goals and get results will meet at RFK Stadium tomorrow evening when D.C. United host the New England Revolution - apparently part of a half-assed version of MLS Rivalry Week. I polled our staff for predictions, and here's what they had to say about the match:


Feeling a little optimistic this week. I predict some of the attacking continuity we saw against the Fire will carry over into a 2-1 win. Nick DeLeon and Fabian Espindola with the goals.


I am encouraged by New England's apparent avoidance of the idea of getting the ball wide and crossing it (the Revs have made just 35 crosses in 4 matches,) as that is something with which our defense struggles mightily. The first and third goals against Columbus came from crosses, the penalty for the second goal was earned on a cross, the first goal against Chicago, and the second one too depending on your definition of "cross." New England's defense has been pretty hospitable, so I actually think we win this one 1-0, Eddie Johnson with the lone marker.


The early-season losing may be over, but the early-season draws will continue. With Luis Silva out with an injury, look for D.C United to emphasize direct play even more and get a goal by EJ. The defense plays better but concedes a goal and the game ends 1-1.

Ben Bromley

It will happen someday, and why not this weekend against the similarly struggling Dixie Wanderers: 2-1, with goals by Davy Arnaud and Chris Rolfe, with Diego Fagundez burning Christian for the consolation goal.


The team was going to win last week, but they were just waiting for me to get well enough to be in the stands to see it happen. The winless streak ends tomorrow by a final score of 3-1.

Adam M Taylor

I'm on board with the winless streak ending tomorrow, especially now that I hear Kelyn Rowe is out of the Revs' lineup. That said, with Luis Silva also sitting this one out, there's just not enough offense on either team to mount much of an attacking game at this point, so get ready for a game that's a struggle to watch. 1-0 United.

Ryan Bacic

I don't see this offense scoring more than once on most teams without Silva in the lineup, but I don't see this defense keeping too many clean sheets, either. 1-1 draw, then, as the winless season continues. #analysis

Bald Pollack

Both teams have scored two goals last week, both have allowed six on the year, both were shelled in Week 1 outings, both play soccer games in football stadiums to low drawing crowds and indifferent ownership. Will go for a scoreless draw, and Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.


I'm going to go out on a limb here and buy into the notion that last week's game reflected genuine improvement. And I will go further out on said limb and say the improvement was not an aberration. DC over the Revs by 2 goals. What's that funny wood-cracking sound?


Normally when I bring up karma in these things, I focus on United's karma. This time, though, the Revs are in huge debt to the fates: Last week's 2-1 win in San Jose came via MLS's most bizarre own goal in ages and a goal that involved a free kick taken while the ball was clearly rolling. United can probably find one goal on their own, and the winner will be the down to the fates taking back what they gave to New England. Hopefully, said goal will be comical. 2-1 DC.

So, varying degrees of optimism (defined as "not predicting a loss") from our staff. What say you, readers? Let us know how you think things will play out tomorrow night in the comments.