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D.C. United vs. FC Dallas - The breakout win, in GIFs

Time to get animated about being ruthless. (Get it? Animated?)

This week's GIF post (the first in a few weeks, I admit) was more fun than to put together just about any other week so far. It's partly due to the big 4-1 win for D.C. United, but it's also down to the variety of goals and action on the field. Credit, too, to the broadcast crew, who had lots of camera angles available for replays and who weren't shy about using them. More of that in all games, please, MLS clubs and broadcast partners.

Now, onto the gifs!


Of course, things have to start off on a bit of a down note, as FC Dallas opened the scoring. Perry Kitchen was pressing up the field, and Dallas did very well to push the attack while he was out of position - watch him chase the play from the beginning. Fabian Castillo's pass into Blas Perez draws Davy Arnaud out of position, freeing up Maruo Diaz's run. When Perez finds him with a lovely first-time pass, it's all over but for the flailing (duly provided here by Cristian Fernandez and Bill Hamid).


Now it gets good for you Districtistas out there. Fabian Espindola starts the play dribbling outside-in across the Dallas defense before finding Nick DeLeon. He sees Eddie Johnson pulled out to the right, and feeds him a perfect ball into space. The GAM hits his cross first time, finding Espindola, who had ghosted in between the center backs. Perfect downward header, and Chris Seitz had no chance. All square going into the half.


This comes off a quickly taken short corner, and starts as Sean Franklin floats a cross to the back post. Jeff Parke plays things exactly right, heading the ball back into the melee in front of goal. A Connor Doyle shot, Chris Seitz save and Bobby Boswell blast into the back of the net put United ahead for the duration.


Perry Kitchen going all Neo in the Matrix helped too. Just the way Ben Olsen drew it up, I'm sure.


Having scored a goal, Fabian Espindola went on to play creator, skinning a couple of FC Dallas defenders before crossing to... Sean Franklin? for the deft finish at the far post. Perry Kitchen's "YAASSSS" at the end is my favorite part of this gif.


I mentioned Espindola skinning a couple FCD defenders? Here's that. Reminds me of a certain Maicon Santos move from a couple years back... (but the exact game is eluding me - any help out there?)


But Espindola wasn't done. His defensive pressure creates the turnover, and Chris Rolfe does very well to take control and draw a couple defenders. This creates the space for Fabi to run into, and what a second-touch finish by the Argentine.

Like I said, this was a fun post to put together.